•  If you suspect your husband or wife is cheating on you, chances are he/she is. But before you start making accusations or calling your attorney or if you think you are just being paranoid, check out these signs of infidelity. 


  • Is your significant other  leaving for work earlier or coming home  later?
  • When you call your mate at work, is he/she difficult  to track down?
  • Is your spouse spending a lot more time away from home  (on business trips, meetings or out with friends)?
  • Does your loved one spend more time getting dressed, applying makeup, taking more care about his or her appearance?
  • Has he/she suddenly become a gym enthusiast spending  an increasing amount of time working out?
  • Has your partner become more dedicated to dieting?
  • Has your loved one gotten a makeover, started dressing  sexier, wearing shorter skirts, lower cut tops, trying new hairstyles, or  started wearing contact lenses? Has he changed his cologne? Is he/she buying new clothes?
  • When at home, is your partner restless? Does he spend  less time with you and the children? Does he or she seem moody, at times  being almost too helpful, and other times appearing withdrawn?
  • When you are home together, do you find yourself spending more time watching television, working on the computer,  basically spending less time talking to each other?
  • Do you make love more or less often than usual? Is there a diminished interest in sex?
  • Has your partner’s style of making love suddenly changed or is he/she requesting you try new techniques? Has foreplay changed?
  • Has your lover become very secretive about telephone calls, e-mail or instant messages on the computer? Does he/she race to  answer the telephone or check the answering machine? Do you hear  whispering when your partner is on the telephone? Do there seem to be more hang up calls or wrong numbers?
  • Does your partner race for the mail or have his/her  cell phone bill or credit card bills sent to the office or a private post office box?
  • Are there strange charges on the credit cards or phone bills? Is your mate being secretive about finances?
  • Is your lover provoking more fights and being more belligerent when you argue? Does he pick a fight with you and then storm out of the house?
  • Does your partner seem to find more fault with things  you do?
  • Do you find notes with unfamiliar phone numbers? Does he/she suddenly keep his briefcase locked?
  • Are there unfamiliar perfume smells on your partner’s  clothing? Have you noticed lipstick or makeup stains?

If your spouse is cheating, you deserve to know and you deserve to know all the facts. If you have answered "yes" to at least five of the above questions, chances are you have reasons to be concerned. We suggest you watch him or her and do not let on that you suspect anything. Start a journal and keep track of things that make you suspicious.

When you are ready to confirm your suspicions, call Tri-Valley Investigations and let us help you. Our phone number is 661-288-2111.